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Creating  Connections


Our mission is to make the online choral experience truly satisfying and dynamic.
Using live-linking technology GOALMOUTH create exciting simultaneous musical experiences between singers and choirs in different locations.

GOALMOUTH have been exploring ways of linking choirs in different countries via the internet since 2018. Virtual connections have been made with choirs and singers in Germany, Greece, Malawi and China.

We will work with you to design an engaging and effective virtual singing experience to achieve your goals.


Workplace choirs - live-linked concerts

Stavanger chorus singing.jpg

GOALMOUTH connects your offices and workers in different parts of the world by inviting them to create an exciting live-linked choral


Research shows that workplace choirs can increase the happiness and productivity of employees. GOALMOUTH can help you rapidly foster international team-building by linking two workplace choirs through an online event.


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Online choir plus

GOALMOUTH deliver their unique choral sessions internationally using the effective online platform, Zoom. Employing rhythm games, co-ordinated physical movement, breakout rooms and top quality pre-recorded learning files, alongside their vibrant choice of songs, GOALMOUTH brings you a satisfying choral experience from the comfort of your own device.

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Companies where we have delivered training include Axa Insurance, Vodafone, ITN, Deutschebank, British Gas, Google and LinkedIn. 

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