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Creating Community Connections

Data from a British Council study shows that GOALMOUTH's unique singing projects change negative attitudes and promote social cohesion in complex communities.
"An unusually successful way of breaking down barriers between
antagonistic communities"
Director of the British Council, Malawi

Watch Neil Shaw's full documentary.

From Malawi to Botswana to Surrey, GOALMOUTH has worked with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds, enabling them to sing and perform together.


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GOALMOUTH Surrey - integrating displaced young people

GOALMOUTH Surrey - integrating displaced young people

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GOALMOUTH Botswana - training programme

GOALMOUTH Botswana - training programme

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Malawi - with thanks to the whole team, including Faraja Musangwa, Prisca Goma Chirombo and the amazing Masumbuko Ramazan from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who stood by our sides translating our words into Swahili and Chichewa, choreographed the football moves and co-ordinated the Dzaleka drama group; stage manager David Kweteza from Lillongwe; community co-ordinator Floribert Hengwa; and film-maker Neil Shaw.

Surrey - thanks to Kayte Cable and Brooklands College

Botswana - thanks to Jane Swartland and the Botswana Society for the Arts

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